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Regain Your Natural State of Well-Being


The State of Well-Being

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In a single word, Well-Being is all about alignment with with health in all aspects of your life. Health includes our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. Many factors of our modern lifestyle can throw us off balance.  These include stress, self-criticism, fear, anxiety, trauma, accidents, injury, surgery, consumption of food additives, environmental toxins, pathogens, and more. When those experiences are left unresolved or happen over and over again they can anchor into the body and eventually lead to ill health. Negative patterns or trauma can even pass from one generation to another leading to propensities to particular ailments. The good news is change is feasible by uncovering the patterns, removing the blocks and allowing YOUR innate healing ability to restore your body. I call this intuitive healing. Learn more about Intuitive Healing.


Path to Health and Happiness

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Your health journey is as unique as your thumbprint. My approach helps unveil and gain insights specific to you that can keep you on the path to improving your health and reach greater levels of happiness. Learn more…




Julie Stone

Julie Stone, Holistic Health Practitioner

On a Mission to End Suffering and Restore Vitality!

Julie’s years of research, plus her intuitive abilities often result in profound physical, emotional and/or spiritual healing experiences. Julie has been committed to improving the quality of life for individuals for over 20 years. Incorporating nutrition, exercise, life-style options, and the power of the divine, Julie’s approach provides a holistic path to not only regaining, but also sustaining optimal health in a safe and easy fashion. More about Julie.


Videos are approximately 2 minutes each.